On Tap Tuesday presents: Lindsey R. Loucks!

What’s on Tap today?

It’s my girl crush, Lindsey R. Loucks!!  I have known Lindsey since….geez, for ages now.  She remembers the good old days of Random Contemporary (which later became With Me Now) and I ADORE her novel, Sail.  LOVE IT.  She also pulled a fast one on us, when she wrote Pause under a pen-name, Isabella Hale.  After her big reveal on Facebook–once I started breathing again–I said, I DIDN’T KNOW THAT WAS YOU!!!!!  Well played, Lindsey.  Well played indeed.

Drink of choice:
It depends on what time of day it is:
Morning = coffee.
Afternoon = water.
Evening = green tea.
Night = a FULL glass of wine.
Look good. Live well. Forever.

Pause, the popular drink that stops aging and lets people live forever, has struck the pauseworld like lightning. But seventeen-year-old Jasmine West thinks they’re shifty af. Maybe because her older sister married the CEO of Pause and has been missing ever since.

Now, some guy is stalking Jasmine, and he seems to know an awful lot about her sister.

Desperate for answers, Jasmine meets up with two mysterious teens—a spy in the making and a smoking hot guy—who fill in some of her blanks.

The result is terrifying.

Even with her stalker just a breath away, Jasmine vows to do whatever it takes to find her sister, even if it means taking down the largest corporation in the world.


Lindsey R. Loucks is a USA Today bestselling author of paranormal romance, science fiction, and contemporary romance. When she’s not discussing books with anyone who will listen, she’s dreaming up her own stories. Eventually her brain gives out, and she’ll play hide and seek with her cat, put herself in a chocolate-induced coma, or watch scary movies alone in the dark to reenergize.

Buy link:

Love ya, Lindsey!!!

Thanks for joining us!  Bottoms up!!!

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