On Tap Tuesday Presents: P.J. MacLayne

Welcome fellow Pennsylvanian! P.J. MacLayne brings us her novel, The Marquesa’s Necklace!

Cover NecklaceHarmony Duprie enjoyed her well-ordered life in the quiet little town of Oak Grove—until her arrest for drug trafficking. Cleared of all charges, she wants nothing more than to return to the uneventful lifestyle of a historical researcher she once savored.

But when her beloved old car “George” is stolen and explodes into a ball of flames, it sets off a series of events that throws her plans into turmoil. Toss in a police detective that may or may not be interested in her, an attractive but mysterious stranger on her trail, and an ex-boyfriend doing time, and Harmony’s life freefalls into a downward spiral of chaos.

Now she has to use her research skills to figure out who is behind the sinister incidents plaguing her, and why. And she better take it seriously, like her life depends upon finding the right answers.

Because it might.

Bio: Born and raised among the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania, P.J. MacLayne still finds inspiration for her books in that landscape. She is a computer geek by day and a writer by night who currently lives in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. When she’s not in front of a computer screen, she might be found exploring the back roads of the nearby national forests and parks. In addition to the Harmony Duprie Mysteries, she is also the author of the Free Wolves series.

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Favorite Drink: I gave up drinking soda a few years ago, and now keep ice-cold water within easy reach while I work. On those occasions when I allow myself an alcoholic beverage, it’s a toss-up between a rum and coke (diet!) or a Jack and coke. I also like to experiment with local beers when I travel.

Thanks for joining us, P.J.!  Bottoms up!!

On Tap Tuesday Late Edition: Madison Michael!

What’s on Tap Today?

Hey fam!  I’ve been away on vacation and today was my day off, so I completely forgot how to be a responsible adult and post our weekly get-together.  It’s late and my drink right now is hot tea!  Madison Michael brings us her favorite drink tonight and it sounds amazing!

Favorite drink is coffee- at least 8 cups, half regular, half decaf – dark roast. Add 2 pumps sugar-free vanilla to each mug along with 1/3 to 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Drink hot or over ice.
About Moonlight & Moet:
Can the Hottest Man Around Melt this Ice Queen’s Heart?

When her husband publicly cheats on her, Leigh Dobbs trades her humiliating reputation as an ice queen and a hometown that shuns her for the unknown of rural North Carolina. Taking over a small bed and breakfast, Leigh sets out to restore it, her dignity and her life. Excited at the prospect of adding more rooms and a full-service restaurant, Leigh’s big plans encounter the brick wall that is Caleb Rausch. Sparks fly even as Caleb votes no on the planning commission, crushing Leigh’s dreams.

Handsome powerhouse Caleb Rausch is a man on a mission, expanding his huge corporation without encroaching on the small town where it resides. His commitment to his products, employees and historic preservation are unwavering. What’s lacking is his commitment to one woman. Caleb is the most eligible bachelor in three states, dating celebrities and models, but never settling down. Until now.

Even as Caleb forces Leigh’s expansion plans on hold, the couple moves full-steam-ahead on their relationship, unable to resist the mutual attraction. So why, after a steamy night together, does Caleb disappear for weeks? Has Leigh put her heart out there again, just to be played?

Will the magic of a moonlit night be enough to kindle their love or will Caleb’s constant disappearing act prevent him from melting this ice queen’s heart?

Moonlight & Moet Amazon Buy Link:

Madison Michael is an indie publisher, blogger and the author of the Beguiling Bachelor Series as well as the novella Desire & Dessert, from her sizzling B&B Billionaire Bachelor series.
A Chicago native and hopeless romantic, Maddy was raised on Chicago culture, fairymadison michael author photo tales, great literature and swashbuckling movies. Maddy employs that history, writing steamy contemporary romance novels set against the sumptuous backdrop of Chicago’s elite society.
After receiving a BA in Journalism from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Loyola University of Chicago, Madison abandoned her writing to find her way in the corporate business world. Daughter of a librarian, it was inevitable that she would return to the world of books.
Maddy writes from high above Chicago where she can stare at its gorgeous skyline or the shores of Lake Michigan surrounded by feline assistants. When she is not writing,, Maddy can be found lost in a book, fighting for the rights of the mentally ill or dining on Chicago’s famous cuisine. Hot dogs and pizza, anyone?

Thanks for joining us tonight, Maddy!  Sign me up for pizza, hot dogs, AND some iced coffee!!  (That’s me living my best life).

Bottoms up!

On Tap Tuesday presents: Lindsey R. Loucks!

What’s on Tap today?

It’s my girl crush, Lindsey R. Loucks!!  I have known Lindsey since….geez, for ages now.  She remembers the good old days of Random Contemporary (which later became With Me Now) and I ADORE her novel, Sail.  LOVE IT.  She also pulled a fast one on us, when she wrote Pause under a pen-name, Isabella Hale.  After her big reveal on Facebook–once I started breathing again–I said, I DIDN’T KNOW THAT WAS YOU!!!!!  Well played, Lindsey.  Well played indeed.

Drink of choice:
It depends on what time of day it is:
Morning = coffee.
Afternoon = water.
Evening = green tea.
Night = a FULL glass of wine.
Look good. Live well. Forever.

Pause, the popular drink that stops aging and lets people live forever, has struck the pauseworld like lightning. But seventeen-year-old Jasmine West thinks they’re shifty af. Maybe because her older sister married the CEO of Pause and has been missing ever since.

Now, some guy is stalking Jasmine, and he seems to know an awful lot about her sister.

Desperate for answers, Jasmine meets up with two mysterious teens—a spy in the making and a smoking hot guy—who fill in some of her blanks.

The result is terrifying.

Even with her stalker just a breath away, Jasmine vows to do whatever it takes to find her sister, even if it means taking down the largest corporation in the world.


Lindsey R. Loucks is a USA Today bestselling author of paranormal romance, science fiction, and contemporary romance. When she’s not discussing books with anyone who will listen, she’s dreaming up her own stories. Eventually her brain gives out, and she’ll play hide and seek with her cat, put herself in a chocolate-induced coma, or watch scary movies alone in the dark to reenergize.

Buy link:

Love ya, Lindsey!!!

Thanks for joining us!  Bottoms up!!!

On Tap Tuesday presents: Linda O’Connor

What’s On Tap today??

Today we are featuring Linda O’Connor, author of Perfectly Christmas!  Ready to get in the holiday spirit?  Linda brought us a recipe of her favorite drink!!

My drink of choice:
I’m not very fond of coffee. To get through the many hours of studying in medical
school, my caffeine of choice was…chocolate! On a cold winter night or a snowy
afternoon, there’s nothing better than sipping on a mug of sweet hot chocolate. I love this recipe with the hint of peppermint.
Peppermint White Hot Chocolate
PC with hot mugIn a saucepan, warm 2 cups of half and half cream or whole milk with ¼ tsp peppermint
extract, whisking occasionally. Whisk in 2/3 cup chopped white chocolate (about 4 ounces). Pour into mugs and top with whipped cream and crushed candy canes. Serves 2(or one person with a lot of studying to do).
When the studying is done, you can curl up with a fun romantic comedy like Perfectly
Christmas and switch out the peppermint extract with peppermint schnapps or a dash of crème de menthe!

Perfectly Christmas (Perfectly Series, Book 5)
On the first day of Christmas, his true love said to him, “Sorry, I have to work.”
That’s the life of a surgeon, and Dr. Madison Hayes wouldn’t have it any other way.
Dr. Quinn Malone has another priority. In the countdown to Christmas, he needs toPerfectlyChristmas3_850
convince his old flame that there’s more to life – and love – than the job itself.This time, his heart is in it for the long haul. Really. Romantic and . . . complicated – it’s Perfectly Christmas!

Award-winning author Linda O’Connor started writing romantic comedies when she
Linda O'Connor writingneeded a creative outlet other than subtly rearranging the displays at a local home décor
store. Her books have enjoyed bestseller status. When not writing, she’s a physician at an
Urgent Care Clinic. She shares her medical knowledge in fast-paced, well-written, sexy
romances – with an unexpected twist. Her favourite prescription to write? Laugh every
day. Love every minute.

Thank you for joining us today, Linda!  Bottoms up!

Stressed, Depressed, and Podcast obsessed #wildman

I’d to give some kind of glamorous update to why I’ve been quiet the last few weeks, like, some kind of salacious caravan to a bohemian colony in Cali, but alas, I’ve been working.  And writing.  And I started my “2019 Half-Marathon Training Program” by buying fleece lined pants and a headband.  So, that’s going well.  It’s hard to get the ol’ motor going when it’s 28 degrees outside and you’re camped out under a heated blanket.  I did go for a run the other day to test out said pants and it wasn’t bad.  In fact, it was my 3rd fastest run for that distance namely because my lips were getting chapped and my nose was running.

It’s progress and I’ll take it.

Meanwhile, I got the “official” diagnosis that I’m depressed.  Yeah.  I wasn’t surprised either.  So, now I’m depressed and anxious.  Basically I’m Squidward.  In all seriousness, it was really bad there for awhile: I would get off work, lay in bed, and cry.  I cried when I had to leave the house because I didn’t want to talk to people.  I didn’t want to run or workout.  I’d sleep during my lunch breaks at work.  I made a doctor’s appointment and got put on more medication, which I really feel was the right choice for me, because I need to snap out of it.  The ONLY PROBLEM with meds for mental health is that they can take 3-4 weeks to kick in.

Soooooo, then I went from being depressed and anxious, to paranoid and anxious.  Boy was that a trip.  I was perky, but kind of….well, kind of like a Chihuahua.  You know, shaky, small, and mean.  Spoiler: I’m fine now.  It kicked in after four weeks and I AM ME AGAIN!  You know, just weird now.  Not depressed and weird.  Regular weird.

Anyway, I’d discovered that my iPhone has a podcast app on it.  I mean, I’ve only had an iPhone for like, eight years, and I’ve just now figured out podcasts.  I know.  As my kids point out, I WAS born in the last century, after all, so forgive my slow adaptation to technology.  I’d been listening to a fabulous true crime podcast and I loved it.  Until I got depressed.  Then I got paranoid and was afraid to go out running because someone might be hiding in the woods just waiting for me to lumber past.  Or a Squatch.  You never know.

TBC logoAnd then I found the greatest podcast ever.

The Brothers Commonplace.  I was trying to find a podcast about the Dyatlov Pass incident (more on that later, but I’m infatuated with this and NEED TO SOLVE IT) and looked it up on iTunes.  These dudes showed up with an episode.

If you’re looking for serious, true crime, this is not the podcast for you.  This is dark humor.  This is literally laughing hysterically at the dark stuff.  Would my Sunday School teacher in third grade approve of this?  No she would not.  She also did not approve of me because I talked/ran in church BUT I TURNED OUT FINE, MRS. HARDY.  This is dropping the F bomb like it’s a comma and laughing and things you probably shouldn’t.  But you do.  Because it’s hilarious.

And they’re from Ohio, which is sweet, because I too once lived in Ohio (what’s up, Ashtabula County??!).  Plus, they’re roughly my age (probably younger, ahem), so I understand and relate to their references and it makes me unreasonably happy.  Examples for my fellow 90s kids: Family Matters.  the Sandlot, Boy Meets World.  Pogs.  Okay, that’s four examples, but look, I know you all were watching TGIF with me.  You know what I’m talking about.  YOU MISS IT TOO.

These guys rock.  Do yourself a favor (unless you are easily offended, then you might want to skip it…) and look them up on iTunes.  Or whatever podcast app you use; I am unlearned in this and have no idea what’s out there.  Look, I’m an only child.  I have claim these guys as my brothers and you need to check them out.  You’ll laugh at the dark stuff.  #wildman  #thankyoumark #tbronutsack #laughatthedarkstuff

I guess that’s about it from this side of the looney bin.  Who all is with me in waiting for Avengers: Endgame???  I’m underwhelmed by Captain Marvel.  I’m overly anxious to see what happens to Tony in space.  Cap shaved his beard; that’s a damn shame.  Black Widow is still blonde; also a damn shame.  Wake me up when Bucky Barnes shows up.  I bought myself an Avengers Advent Calendar, upon which I get a new pair of Avengers socks each day leading up to Christmas.  Ho ho ho.  I had on pink Iron Man socks today.  Revolutionary.

Things I’m behind in: my newsletter, my diet, going to the dentist, and blogging

Things I’m not behind in: writing, wearing cute socks, avoiding the dentist, hair care.

I’m going to try to get back on, you know, that big fancy writing schedule I set up in October and then promptly put down and covered up with junk mail.  I mean, the New Year is right around the corner and what do I have to show for it???  No new tattoos!  No book almost ready to publish!!  The only thing I can think of at this point is “gotta catch ’em all” which…well, that’s kind of appropriate.  Time to get stuff done!!

Or I’ll just listen to The Brothers Commonplace.  Seriously, Tim’s “holy shit” has become the soundtrack to my life.  #wildman

On Tap Tuesday presents: Dee S. Knight!

What’s On Tap today?

Dee S. Knight, author of Only A Good Man Will Do, is a mutual coffee drinker!  My day does not begin until the coffee happens!  I raise my mug to you, Dee!

MugI’m so boring! Black coffee in one of my cover cups!

Daniel Goodman is a man on a mission. For years he has striven for perfection, fighting for the pinnacle achievement in his world of academia, Headmaster of Westover Academy. Westover, established before the American Revolution, is still one of the most prestigious schools in the country. They accept only boys whose parents fit a certain mold and only those teachers who hold to a stringent set of mores, on and off campus. Jonah considers his brother a prig. Daniel sees himself as doing his best to serve his students. How much better can he serve them as headmaster? That is what he seeks to KnightCoverfind out.

Suddenly, into his cut and dried, strictly black and white life of moral and upright behavior, comes Eve Star, formerly one of Europe’s foremost exotic dancers. Her life is anything but cut and dried, black and white. Bad enough that she’s enrolled her son in Westover Academy under false pretenses. More, she runs the town’s most disreputable bar. Worst, much to Daniel’s dismay, he finds himself drawn to her like a kid to chocolate. Nothing good can come of this attraction. Or can it? He is after all, a good man.


A few years ago, Dee S. Knight began writing, making getting up in the morning fun. During the day, her characters killed people, fell in love, became drunk with power, or sober with responsibility. And they had sex, lots of sex. Writing was so much fun Dee decided to keep at it. That’s how she spends her days. Her nights? Well, she’s lucky that her dream man, childhood sweetheart, and long-time hubby are all the same guy, and nights are their secret. For romance ranging from sweet to historical, contemporary to paranormal and more join Dee on Nomad Authors. Contact Dee at

Book buy links:





Thanks so much for joining us, Dee!!  Bottoms up!!

On Tap Tuesday!

What’s on Tap Today?

Today PE Kavanagh brings us an entire set!  Take it away, my friend!

Friends & Lovers: Books 1-3

Where to buy:

Powerful families.boxset1
Lifelong friendships.
Shared history. 

Ambition. Betrayal. Desire.

The King, Barrett, Winston, and Moreau families left indelible marks on their communities. In technology, in politics, in crime.

The new generation of siblings, cousins, and friends are now adults and something strange is happening to their previously simple relationships.

Friendships are tested, promises are broken, and no secrets remain buried.

Follow these interconnected stories of loyalty, betrayal, love, and desire…

·      From righting the wrongs of their families to creating their own world-changing legacies…

·      From Soho to Silicon Valley to Congress…

·      From the blissful ignorance of youth to the powerful claims on their own futures.

Meet them all:

Camille Moreau and Jackson King in COLLECTING SECRETS
Ramona Barrett and Lucas Winston in COMING HOME
Jenna King and Connor Barrett in CLAIMING POWER

Each of these steamy, standalone novels contains characters who reappear throughout the series. For the best immersive experience, I recommend reading them in order.


PE KAVANAGH has been a professional dancer, MIT-educated engineer, corporate executive, spiritual teacher, and chef. These days, her favorite titles are author, mother, and hot stuff. Find out what she’s up to at

My go-to drinks:

During writing, it’s hot, black coffee and room-temperature water.
After writing, hand me a glass of champagne and we’ll be good friends!
Thanks for joining us, PE!!!  Bottoms up!!!

On Tap Tuesday presents: Carol Preflatish!

What’s on tap tonight?

coffee on the porchCarol Prelatish, author of Her Bluegrass Beau, brings us her beverage of choice: coffee!  I fully endorse this–I can’t start my day without a cup.  Usually two.

I have so many drinks to choose from. I love wine, margaritas, and tea, both iced and hot. But, my favorite thing to drink on a cool crisp fall morning is a good cup of coffee on my porch.

“Her Bluegrass Beau” is about Karri Taylor needing to get out of California and away from her ex-boyfriend. She couldn’t think of a better time to visit the Kentucky farm she inherited from her great-aunt.

Jake Duncan is the definition of a perfect southern gentleman and it doesn’t take long forHBB cover-med Karri take an interest. From helping him nurse his sick horse back to health to meeting the neighbors, she develops an affection for both Jake and the many attributes of the Bluegrass State.

Her plan was to sell the farm and head back home, But, when a blizzard hits, the plan changes. She’s stranded at the farmhouse until Jake comes to the rescue. With the lack of enough food and discovering the generator stolen, the only thing she can do is accept Jake’s offer to stay with him until power is restored.

During her time with Jake, she learns that a big company is trying to buy all the farms in the area, against the wishes of the neighbors. She’s torn between selling her farm and going back home where she owns a business or stay in Kentucky and start all over with Jake by her side.


Carol Preflatish lives in southern Indiana and shares her log cabin with her husband, a dog, and two cats in what seems like an enchanted forest with a menagerie of wildlife constantly visiting. Carol has published seven romance novels, two non-fiction books, and is currently working on her first murder mystery. When she’s not writing, she loves to read, watch Indianapolis Colts football, and do just about anything outdoors. An avid photographer, Carol has had many photos published in her local newspaper, as well as in Golf Journal, the official publication of the United States Golf Association.

A few little-known facts about Carol are that she’s a licensed amateur radio operator, has a degree in Physical Education, and is a collector of golf balls, shot glasses, and coins.

You can learn more about Carol by visiting her web page at

Buy Links:


Barnes & Noble:


Thanks for joining us, Carol!  Bottoms up!

On Tap Tuesday presents: Lorna Peel!

What’s on tap tonight?

Lorna Peel, author of A Scarlet Woman, brings us her beverage of choice: coffee!  We’re sisters on this, Lorna. Pass me a cup!

Favourite Drink: I need coffee to activate my brain, otherwise I drink either water or fruit juice.

A_Scarlet_Woman_PRINT_2Dublin, Ireland, 1880. Tired of treating rich hypochondriacs, Dr Will Fitzgerald left his father’s medical practice and his home on Merrion Square to live and practise medicine in the Liberties. His parents were appalled and his fiancée broke off their engagement. But when Will spends a night in a brothel on the eve of his best friend’s wedding, little does he know that the scarred and disgraced young woman he meets there will alter the course of his life.

Isobel Stevens was schooled to be a lady, but a seduction put an end to all her father’s hopes for her. Disowned, she left Co Galway for Dublin and fell into prostitution. On the advice of a handsome young doctor, she leaves the brothel and enters domestic service. But can Isobel escape her past and adapt to life and the chance of love on Merrion Square? Or will she always be seen as a scarlet woman?


Lorna was born in England and lived in North Wales until her family moved to Ireland to become farmers, which is a book in itself! She lives in rural Ireland, where she writes, researches her family history, grows fruit and vegetables and keeps chickens and guinea hens.

Visit Lorna’s website at:

Thanks for joining us, Lorna!  Bottoms up!

On Tap Tuesday presents: Adam Mann!

What’s on tap tonight?

Adam Mann, author of Love in the Rain, brings us his beverage of choice: whiskey! I raise my cup of Writers Tears to you, Adam!

Favourite drink:  Irish Whiskey and a slash of water.


They try to keep warm to get out of the wet & cold rain!

They forgot the rain, just got on with their warming.



I have worked for over 50 years as a sustainable development consultant for emerging economies in Africa and then Asia, but have now retired and live with my family in a mountainous area of Vietnam.  In my retirement I have published seven novels, and under my pen name I have written another 32 romance novellas, some of which have been self-published.

Thanks for joining us, Adam!  Bottoms up!