Key point: There’s a free short story by me available.  Read on…

Want to be the first to know about upcoming releases and publishing news? Random and rare author sightings?  Free stuff?  Winnings??

Probably no winnings.

writing promo artBut, hey, if you want exclusive information on a first-to-know-basis and subscribers only offers, you should sign up for my newsletter.  And, just to sweeten the deal?  If you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll receive a never before published, contest losing short story I wrote!  Yay!  It’s all dolled up and fancy looking and just waiting to be read.

Keep in mind: the free short story offer is only available to my subscribers.

There’s more in store….but you’ll have to be a member to find out…

Ready to sign up?  Fill out the form and send it my way!

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